Back to work. Ish.

October 25, 2012

Soooooo I’ve started a part-time job! We’ve been struggling a bit financially after the huge moving expense, and an ideal situation simply fell in my lap. 🙂 I started working at a doctors’ office a few weeks ago, doing admin. I work from 7am to 12pm four days per week. It’s been going quite well so far.

God childcare is expensive. Despite this being the perfect opportunity (pick my own hours, ability to be home during nap every day for the little who needs her mama in order to sleep), I almost had to pass it up. I couldn’t find part-time childcare that would even allow me to break even. Luckily, a friend (who works at the same office and who got me the job) wanted to work the same hours. We’re now doing a nanny-share. It has been so wonderful. The girls love our nanny, and they get to spend all day with each other. It honestly could not have worked out better.


I leave for work before Chris, so he gets some extra Dada time in the morning before our nanny, B, gets here. He’s also been the one dealing with the separation anxiety. It hasn’t been too terrible; I think being in our house has helped. I know it hasn’t been fun, though. Luckily Cora seems to have turned a corner and is waving to B and hugging her when she arrives. Warms my heart!

I am actually really really enjoying myself. The practice is a wonderful place to work, and I love love talking to adult humans again. I honestly feels like I have the best of both worlds at the moment. Feeling very lucky that it has worked out so well!

I think it has really benefitted Cora, too. Her new bestie is around six months older, so communicates more. Cora had a ridiculous amount of words before, but her actual communication has shot through the roof since they started hanging out. She’s saying sentences and repeating phrases we say. It’s amazing. The other day she went on and on, “Sorry, Piper, sorry. Good girl, Piper. Ohhh Piper.” (Piper is our pup.) So freaking cute!!

So things are good here. Prepping for Halloween. Fun times.