Auntie comes to visit

March 13, 2012

The boxes are gone! The house is (mostly) packed! Thanks in large part to my sister, who spent her Spring Break last week helping us pack. She flew in for a very short week and became a little taskmaster. It was brilliant.

Cora is so in love with her Auntie

Unfortunately, the little wasn’t feeling well, so we had some very disrupted nights and days. Thank goodness Danielle was here, as it was a trying week. And little started feeling much better towards the end of her visit.


Same same

On Danielle’s last day here, we decided to take Cora to the Southbank to see the London Aquarium. We weren’t sure if she would be too young to appreciate it, but she absolutely loved it. I carried her in the Baby Bjorn so that she was free to get very close to the glass. She spent the whole time kicking her legs and laughing.

The weather was lovely and spring-like, so we sat outside and had a pub lunch afterward. Something I’m seriously going to miss when we move home. London in the sunshine is like no other place.

Cora was mostly interested in lunch!

Daddy, Danielle, and Cora

Cora seems to be a glutton for new experiences. Though she gets so excited that she refuses to feed or sleep and usually ends up having a meltdown at some point. Luckily, Chris was able to get her to sleep by pushing her down the Southbank in her pram.

Big day

Sweet little squish!

Thanks for all the help, Auntie!


Baby bed-head

March 10, 2012



You only have a few more months with neat, straight hair, Cora. We all know what your future has in store for you…


One downside of having Cora in London rather than at home is that we haven’t been able to decorate a nursery for her yet. So I’ve spent a good year virtually decorating a nursery in my head. I’ve recently joined Pinterest (little late to the game. See aforementined ‘lost months’) and transferred all of my bookmarks there. Now all we need is a house in Atlanta, and the little will finally have a space to call her own! Getting her to sleep there will certainly take a bit longer.

Some inspiration:

Love the colors, the Jenny Lind crib, and the perfect poms

Love love the feel of this nursery

Love the feel and the beautiful danger crib

Danielle, my mom, and I have already started collecting. Cannot wait!

ps- feel free to follow our progress on Cora’s nursery Pinterest board




Drool City

March 9, 2012


Perhaps she’s teething again and that’s causing the extra-horrific sleep. She hasn’t woken for two full feeds (taking an hour to settle each time) since she was eight weeks old! How did I break my good sleeper? She was stirring every hour after 1am.

You’re lucky you’re so cute, Corabelle!

So, in the interest of documenting and remembering, I think I’ll fill in the blanks that I seemed to have missed this past year.

Pregnancy was relatively uneventful for me. I was extremely tired throughout, which I think was part normal pregnancy tiredness and part thyroid troubles. At the beginning of my second trimester, my thyroid started working a bit better, and I started getting overactive symptoms (skipping heartbeats, mostly). I worked with my GP, and we decreased my dose, which seemed to help. We checked a month after the decrease, and all was well.


28wks + 4days

Unfortunately, we didn’t check again until the beginning of my 3rd trimester, when I found out I had gone outside the 1-2 TSH range. I had been feeling utterly exhausted the whole time, which was probably explained as symptoms. We went back to my original dose and things improved a bit.


40wks exactly

Cora kept us waiting around until four days past her due date. I was seriously ready to get the show on the road!

We’re finally moving!

March 7, 2012


She’s cute, yet unhelpful.

So we’re finally moving back home! We’re seriously seriously excited. Our grand plan after having a baby was to be able to move to Atlanta (about 2.5hrs from our home in Birmingham, Alabama) in the early Fall of 2011. Needless to say, that was a pipe dream. The job market in the States leaves something to be desired, and we couldn’t move home without a job offer. The hub began discussing a transfer within his company in August. Many many months (and a couple of different possible relocation cities) later, and we are actually moving to Atlanta – our first choice!

I can’t begin to explain how much this means to us. We’ve had a difficult time with Cora. She’s so wonderful, but she can’t, under any stretch of the imagination, be called an easy baby. Will detail all later, but I guess she’s what you might call a ‘high needs’ baby. Not being around family has been very difficult for me, and this hasn’t been the best eight months of my life. I’m just so so happy we’ll be in the same city as my sister and only 2.5hrs away from family in less than a month!

At any rate, we flew my sister over last week to help us pack, and our stuff is being shipped next week. No going back. It’s exciting and scary and sad, all wrapped up in one. We’ve had an amazing time in London, but it’s time to move home. The sunshine beckons.


Ugghhhh I know that’s every new parent’s question, but seriously. Everything I read (from official sources, from other mothers, etc) says that babies Cora’s age need to sleep 10-12 hours at night and a couple of 1-2 hour naps per day. Cora sleeps 8-9 hours per night (always waking at least once), and I’m lucky if I get 1.5 hours of total sleep during the day.

Does she just run on less sleep than other babies? Is she chronically sleep-deprived? I try to go with the flow as much as possible (we’re now co-sleeping because it seems to be what she needs), but I find it so incredibly frustrating.

Trying to get her to sleep earlier doesn’t work — she just lies in my arms and cries. I’m not even bemoaning the waking at night. Just the total sleep. She’s eight months old!


Apparently even being away from me while I put on my make-up is too much for Cora today. Ohhhhhh squish, what will I do with you? (And yes, I didn’t shower till 3pm. It’s been one of those days.)

More than a year since I posted. Pretty rubbish, I’d say. But considering I haven’t shared the blog with anyone yet, I hope to be forgiven. Um, by myself.

Well, without further ado, introducing Cora Delphine!

Cora Delphine

She’s 80% utter joy and 20% little rascal. Sweet little squish!

I plan to backlog this whole eight months, but until then, some pic spam.

Mama and bebe

Baby-led weaning


Napping with Daddy

Poor child.