We’re getting ourselves all settled in — just in time for our 18 boxes to arrive from England. (Side note — what on earth is in there? Obv nothing important?? £800 boxes full of crap to crowd our new house? Oh, yay.) My mom has been here all week and is like a little whirling dervish; we’re very close to unpacked.

Cora has been eating up all of this unadulterated Mimi time. She thinks Mimi is her personal walking assistant: “One finger, please!”

Cora’s Papa and Honey are here this weekend to visit the little and to help us build a fence for the pup in the backyard. It’s shaping up to be quite the undertaking.






Cora’s favorite thing about the new house is the front sidewalk/road. Safe.

Wait for Mama!

She likes to crawl and/or walk down the sidewalk, make her way up the stairs, and then sit in the gutter!

Gutter baby!

She’s also fallen for our neighbor’s sweet cat Toby.






Ahahaha same same!

We’re love love loving the new place. However, my heart’s aching a bit as we’re missing a close friend’s wedding in London tomorrow. I’ll probably have a little tear. Congrats, Ellie & Joe!! Wish we were there for the happy occasion!! xxxx




We’ve finally moved in! We found a cute little 3/2 near West Midtown. It has an open-plan living area, a back deck, and a looooooovely front porch. Can’t wait to string up a hammock!

Mimi is here this week to help us unpack and get settled. Thank goodness. We’ve already sorted the kitchen, and we’re working in the bedrooms now.

Can I just say yay for wedding registries? Even if they happened nine years ago? Because we’ve come back to the most amazing cookware (that we certainly didn’t appreciate at 24!) Brilliant.

At the moment we’re still in serious disarray. We’re working on it.









April 30, 2012

So we’ve been having a lovely time with Auntie! We’re so happy to be here, though I’m still getting to grips with the driving.

The little is loving being with her Auntie, as am I! We’ve been spending too much time (and money) at Target, and we’re planning some vintage-shop excursions for her week off from PT school. Fun girlie times!

Girlie brunch

Baby play date

My sister’s birthday was over the weekend, so she had friends round to celebrate and to meet the little.


Beautiful birthday girl

Lucky little baby got some presents, too — her own little Toms! Gah they’re so freaking cute! Thanks Lauren and Adam!



April 26, 2012


Cora and I made our way to Atlanta yesterday to be reunited with Daddy. She was so happy to see him!

We’re staying with Auntie Danielle and her boyfriend Michael in their amazing apartment overlooking Piedmont Park. Can’t wait to explore it further (have my eye on that outdoor restaurant/bar — looks baby, dog, and sunshine-friendly!!)



We took our dog, Piper, to the dog park. She can sometimes be afraid of big dogs, so we’ve started her out with the little ones. Cora had such a blast watching them, saying ‘dog, dog’ and pointing. I even think she said, ‘heyyyyyy dog!’ at one point! So sweet.



Off to house hunt today. Fingers crossed!

10 months!

April 23, 2012

Our sweet tiny turned 10 months today. Stop getting bigger, little! You’re my tiny baby!!

Cora and I are still in Birmingham staying with my mom for a few more days. We’ve had a lovely time shopping and spending time with the fams.

Chris started work last week, so he’s already moved to Atlanta. We miss him. He and my sister drove here for the weekend, and Cora went crazy giddy for her daddy.


We spent time with Chris’s family and Cora’s sweet cousin Charlee. They are very sweet together! Unfortunately Cora was having a serious Mama-need while were there, so I didn’t snap any photos– very unlike me!

We went to see my dad today. Family tour!





Rude awakening

April 16, 2012

The little had a bit of a rude awakening this morning. She’s had more than three weeks of constant family attention, feet-never-touching-the-floor style. Let’s just say her 20 minutes in the pack-n-play while I showered and dressed were not sunshine and roses.


Mama feels the same way, squish!



April 12, 2012

We have been crazy, non-stop family visiting for a week and a half now. It’s been so lovely for Cora to meet everyone! I am seriously seriously sick of living out of suitcases, though. And not really an end in sight on that front.

I would love to just blink my eyes and be magically settled in a house we love in Atlanta, with no more moving admin looming ominously over my head. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen, so I suppose we’ll keep plodding along!

We got back from Mobile the day before yesterday, where Cora met three of her great-grandmothers and a bundle of cousins.

Baby explosion

Cora and cousin Xander

Loving on cousin Kaitlin

Meeting cousin Avery Kate and Aunt Michelle

Getting into mischief with Grandma

Snuggling with Mimi

Danced herself to sleep on her Honey

Will return with millions of Easter photos!

We made it!

April 7, 2012

We’re home! We made it to Atlanta on Monday without too much strife, and have been going 90 miles a minute since. Cora has met her immediate family, and we’re meeting great-grands this weekend.

Will update about our last days in London and the trip soon, but until then, family pic spam!








We’re finally moving!

March 7, 2012


She’s cute, yet unhelpful.

So we’re finally moving back home! We’re seriously seriously excited. Our grand plan after having a baby was to be able to move to Atlanta (about 2.5hrs from our home in Birmingham, Alabama) in the early Fall of 2011. Needless to say, that was a pipe dream. The job market in the States leaves something to be desired, and we couldn’t move home without a job offer. The hub began discussing a transfer within his company in August. Many many months (and a couple of different possible relocation cities) later, and we are actually moving to Atlanta – our first choice!

I can’t begin to explain how much this means to us. We’ve had a difficult time with Cora. She’s so wonderful, but she can’t, under any stretch of the imagination, be called an easy baby. Will detail all later, but I guess she’s what you might call a ‘high needs’ baby. Not being around family has been very difficult for me, and this hasn’t been the best eight months of my life. I’m just so so happy we’ll be in the same city as my sister and only 2.5hrs away from family in less than a month!

At any rate, we flew my sister over last week to help us pack, and our stuff is being shipped next week. No going back. It’s exciting and scary and sad, all wrapped up in one. We’ve had an amazing time in London, but it’s time to move home. The sunshine beckons.