Despite being so happy to be home, and so happy to be with family and friends here, I’m really missing our wonderful friends in London. For more than six years, our friends were our family, and now that it’s been a month, the reality of not seeing them very often is starting to sink in. Of course, we’ve been keeping in touch with emails, Facebook, and texting (hello, WhatsApp!), but it’s not the same as sitting around in a pub being silly.

On our last day in London, it was unseasonably warm and sunny, and our friend Cornel introduced us to an amazing roof-top bar overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral. Some of our friendlies were able to join us there for final send-offs (and quite a few tears).







Miss y’all so much!

We also had a lovely leaving do the weekend before, but we were having so much fun that we neglected to take many pics! Will be back with the ones we did take when I can locate my camera. Whoopsie.

*thanks for the pics, Dee Hewitt!!! Thief!


We made it!

April 7, 2012

We’re home! We made it to Atlanta on Monday without too much strife, and have been going 90 miles a minute since. Cora has met her immediate family, and we’re meeting great-grands this weekend.

Will update about our last days in London and the trip soon, but until then, family pic spam!








Nine months today!

March 22, 2012

Our little squasher is nine months old! We celebrated by having her first apple.





Chris has been in Saudi Arabia with work since Monday, but he gets back tomorrow. We’ve really missed him. I love being on maternity leave with the little, but I’m seriously missing adult conversation. Booooooooooored.

Daddy’s girl

March 17, 2012

Nothing gets Cora more giddily, cackling-ly (that’s a word) excited than her daddy. Daddy equals funtime, playtime, out-of-her-mind-excited time.


It’s so bad that, if Cora and I are in bed starting her bedtime routine when Chris gets home from work (he’s been working late trying to get through the mountain of work to do before he leaves), then he can’t even peek his head in to say hi.


It’s so so sweet. I know it breaks her daddy’s heart!



Seriously exciting stuff.




We’re finally moving!

March 7, 2012


She’s cute, yet unhelpful.

So we’re finally moving back home! We’re seriously seriously excited. Our grand plan after having a baby was to be able to move to Atlanta (about 2.5hrs from our home in Birmingham, Alabama) in the early Fall of 2011. Needless to say, that was a pipe dream. The job market in the States leaves something to be desired, and we couldn’t move home without a job offer. The hub began discussing a transfer within his company in August. Many many months (and a couple of different possible relocation cities) later, and we are actually moving to Atlanta – our first choice!

I can’t begin to explain how much this means to us. We’ve had a difficult time with Cora. She’s so wonderful, but she can’t, under any stretch of the imagination, be called an easy baby. Will detail all later, but I guess she’s what you might call a ‘high needs’ baby. Not being around family has been very difficult for me, and this hasn’t been the best eight months of my life. I’m just so so happy we’ll be in the same city as my sister and only 2.5hrs away from family in less than a month!

At any rate, we flew my sister over last week to help us pack, and our stuff is being shipped next week. No going back. It’s exciting and scary and sad, all wrapped up in one. We’ve had an amazing time in London, but it’s time to move home. The sunshine beckons.