Ahhhhhhh beaching

July 10, 2012

Mama got some Vitamin D! We made our way down to Orange Beach, Alabama, to Chris’s granny’s house, which is on the intercoastal waterway of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s glorious and peaceful, and we’ve been holidaying there for years (and Chris much much longer!), typically with like eight friends in tow.

This time, we got to introduce our darling baby to the ocean for the first time.

I’ll let this picture demonstrate how she felt about it.

Ha she LOVED it! We always had an inkling that she was a water baby considering she’s always loved baths, and you can’t get her off a splash pad. But it was so sweet to see her enjoy herself so much. She just wanted to be walked along while dipping her mouth in every once in awhile.


She loved the sand, too, and spent time playing in it with DaDa every day, while Mama got some much-needed relaxing-in-the-sun time.






We had such a wonderful time hanging out with some of Chris’s fam, plus our lovely friends Matt and Marina, who joined us for a few days.

Cora and cousin Charlee




The Little has a thing about climbing into chairs on her own. She gets so proud. Her little throne!



Granny has a little white dog named Buddy, and Cora followed him around all weekend on her hands and knees, saying, “ruff ruff”! It was so freaking cute. Her words have just gotten out of control recently. I’m going to have to write them all out here!


Little beach baby. Can’t wait to go back!


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