Where to begin?

June 16, 2012

Feel like I haven’t updated in ages! We’ve been puttering along. After Mimi left for San Fran with her boyfriend Fred last week, Cora’s Papa and Honey came to visit. She was so happy to see them!


Chris and his dad installed a little fence for the pup, and Cora said Papa!! Such a smart little.



Unfortunately the little was very fussy all weekend and only got worse, culminating in middle-of-the-night screaming. She was teething something fierce — the tooth to the right of the middle bottoms poked through finally. Have to say it was absolutely the worst one yet. Was actually worried she was really ill! Unfortunately Dada was out of town for the first half of the week. It was a really long week. (#poormama)


We did have some fun times, though. We met friendlies at the splash pad, and Cora had a ball.



We also had our friends Anna and Angus round to visit the playground and the local chickens.



The little started feeling much better on Wednesday, and Dada got home that night. Poor sweets!

20120616-220743.jpgI win this time, teefies!



20120616-220906.jpg Our sweet friendlies in London sent Cora such a lovely birthday gift! She’s in love!


20120616-221010.jpg That’s Mama’s girl — dirty feet!!


We had Auntie and Michael and some friends round for grilling out tonight. Was gorgeous and not too hot outside. So nice!! Cora had her first corn-on-the-cob and saw her first sparkler. She was so so sweet. Oh how I adore this little!!



Friends Anna & Angus!


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