Auntie comes to visit

March 13, 2012

The boxes are gone! The house is (mostly) packed! Thanks in large part to my sister, who spent her Spring Break last week helping us pack. She flew in for a very short week and became a little taskmaster. It was brilliant.

Cora is so in love with her Auntie

Unfortunately, the little wasn’t feeling well, so we had some very disrupted nights and days. Thank goodness Danielle was here, as it was a trying week. And little started feeling much better towards the end of her visit.


Same same

On Danielle’s last day here, we decided to take Cora to the Southbank to see the London Aquarium. We weren’t sure if she would be too young to appreciate it, but she absolutely loved it. I carried her in the Baby Bjorn so that she was free to get very close to the glass. She spent the whole time kicking her legs and laughing.

The weather was lovely and spring-like, so we sat outside and had a pub lunch afterward. Something I’m seriously going to miss when we move home. London in the sunshine is like no other place.

Cora was mostly interested in lunch!

Daddy, Danielle, and Cora

Cora seems to be a glutton for new experiences. Though she gets so excited that she refuses to feed or sleep and usually ends up having a meltdown at some point. Luckily, Chris was able to get her to sleep by pushing her down the Southbank in her pram.

Big day

Sweet little squish!

Thanks for all the help, Auntie!


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