We had our scan this past week. It was amazing. I was so worried that I was going to have a missed miscarriage. Silly, I know. I had no reason to worry, but that’s how I work.

But everything was absolutely fine. The little bebe was just bouncing around, probably trying not to get smooshed by the ultrasound wand! Just as I thought, though, I’m a week behind on the dates my GP gave me, so I’m now 11w + 4d. So I get to go back next week for another scan yipee! They can’t do the genetic and Down’s Syndrome testing until I’m at least 12 weeks. So I’m having to keep the news private another week and a half. Booooo.

Little bebe at 11w + 1d

We did, however, tell our families a week ago. They’re all beside themselves with excitement, which is lovely. I think it’s killing my dad to have to keep the secret. They all did a very admirable  job over Thanksgiving keeping it, though. Very impressive!

I sent the pic to my family, and my sister said it looks like Conan O’Brien!! Ahahahaha not nice!