A walking holiday at 10-weeks pregnant? Not a great idea!

November 16, 2010

Italy was beautiful and amazing, but it was perhaps not the best idea at 10wks. I was just death exhausted and spent most of my time daydreaming about the next time I could rest. Which is sad, and I’m hoping I didn’t ruin the trip for everyone who was with us. 😦

We flew into Venice on Tuesday and stayed there until Thursday, when we took a train to Rome. Venice was amazing, but apparently we were there in ‘flooding season’. Every day they have to set up long, raised walkways so people don’t have to wander through the ankle-deep water all over the city. I never realised this happened every year. Beautiful city, though.

Flooded entrance to St Mark's Basilica

A gondola on the canal

It just so happens that Chris’s eyes are the EXACT same color as the water in the canals – a very pretty blue-green! They both look darker than they are in this pic, but you get the idea!

Same same!

After Venice we took a train to Rome and met up with four more friends (one friend was with us in Venice and his wife flew in on Friday). We stayed in an amazing apartment near the Vatican. Look at the view from the windows:

Chris took this photo of me and a friend out of our windows at the apartment, overlooking St Peter's basilica

The Colosseum was definitely my favorite sight in Rome – just awe-inspiring.

The Colloseum

Us inside the Colloseum

The Trevi Fountain was also gorgeous, and the weather the day we visited was perfect – 70F and sunny. I tried very hard to get some Vitamin D for the little bean!

Trevi Fountain

Unfortunately halfway through the second day of sightseeing in Rome, I had to go back to the apartment to sleep for five hours. Whoopsie! But I felt a bit better after.

I also discovered that Italian food is not for me. I’ve always known that in general, but it being ‘real’ Italian food didn’t make any difference. Just too bready!


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