9 weeks, 1 day

November 6, 2010

9 weeks

Still chugging along here. I am utterly exhausted. Not sleepiness really, but just body/muscle tiredness. I’ve also had a death cold since Tuesday, which is really making me want to cry. I’m actually feeling a bit better today, so hopefully it’s on the way out. I missed two days of work, which I hate to do, as so many appointments have to be canceled, but it has really just been a horrific cold. Ugh.

I’m wondering in my thyroid has gone a bit more underactive. I haven’t had a cold hit me this hard since before I was first diagnosed/treated for hypothyroidism. I’m going to have my blood tested Monday to see. You have to be very careful with your TSH in the first trimester of pregnancy. According to experts, it should be between 1 and 2. Mine was 1.4 when it was tested last month at the beginning of the pregnancy – so perfect – but I’ve been feeling more hypo lately, and I’m not sure if it’s just pregnancy tiredness or pregnancy tiredness plus hypo symptoms. My GP just said to get it tested if I start getting symptoms again.

In other news, we’re going to Italy on Tuesday! We’re flying into Venice, spending two days there, taking the train to Rome and spending three days there. I’m very excited! I had better be able to taste food again by Tuesday. I will be a very angry girl if not – no wine and tasteless food in such a foodie place? Horror!

I have had a bit more nausea, which isn’t nice, but it also hasn’t been too too bad. I find as long as I keep mostly low-carbing (within reason, of course. I am eating carbs, just trying to get them from fruit and veg, and the odd piece of toast. And the odd bowl of ice cream, obviously) then I feel a lot better. It keeps wild blood sugar swings away, which seems to be the key to keeping my nausea away. Though sometimes it happens right after breakfast and I have to lie down for a couple of minutes to let it pass. Who knows! Just glad I haven’t had it too bad yet. *fingers crossed*



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