I. am. grumpy.

October 18, 2010

Is grumpiness a symptom? Well it’s certainly one of mine! I found myself getting increasingly annoyed at patients today when they were being, um, slow on the uptake. I normally have a very loooooooong fuse when it comes to patients. Not today! Of course, I’m a good Southern girl, and I’m sure the smile didn’t stray. Was just seriously annoyed with everyone and anyone!

I also had a bit of nausea today – this morning for about an hour and again in the afternoon. It felt like low-level carsickness or low blood sugar. Definitely survivable. Now if only that’s as bad as it gets!

I got my letter in the mail today for my 12-week scan. I’ll be 12w 3d, though because of my late ovulation, I’d imagine I’ll actually be up to a week earlier than this. It’s at the end of November. Can’t wait!

You know what makes grumpiness worse? A horrible sinus face-ache for which you can take no medication!!!!!

(I hope to be more cheery next post 🙂 )


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