5w + 6d

October 14, 2010

Seems I’m further along than I thought! I spoke to a GP at my surgery today (if you can’t get an appointment, the on-call GP will ring you to discuss things). She was really brilliant. I haven’t had the best of luck at my surgery. The regular GP I go to is abrupt and difficult to understand, and I often feel a bit ‘dismissed’ by him. That may be all in my head, but I’ve never liked him very much and try to go as little as possible (easier said than done when you have to have your thyroid checked all the time).

The GP I spoke to today was just wonderful, and I’m planning on seeing her from now on. She walked me through everything and seemed really knowledgeable. So yay!

So according to the date of my last period (rather than by ovulation), my estimated due date (EDD) is now June 10th! Which makes my 5weeks, 6 days pregnant. I’m still not having any symptoms except sore breasts. I know I’ll wish them away later, but I’d like something just to let me know the little bean is in there.

So the GP gave me the choice of King’s College Hospital or St Thomas’ Hospital. King’s is closer and the midwives work out of my GP surgery, so for now I’ve chosen King’s. I can change after I visit them both. It would be quite nice to give birth overlooking the Thames and Parliament at St Thomas’….

So my first midwife appointment will be between 10 and 12 weeks, and my first scan is at 12 weeks. They will date me then, so my EDD may change.

The GP went through some basics with me, and I have to have my thyroid tested within the next week or so. I asked her about my running (I run 3 miles, 3–4 times per week). Those who know me know I struggle desperately with my weight (and have had a much much harder time since the thyroid conked) and have been a runner for a long time.

She basically said that cycling or walking would be better. Boooooooooooooooo. I’m not very happy about this. Everything I’ve read says that running in pregnancy is fine as long as it’s something you’ve been doing for a while and you make sure not to overheat.

So I plan to run today (haven’t run since finding out a week and a half ago) to see how I feel and just pay attention to my body and how it feels. If I have to switch to power walking, I will, but I’m going to play it by ear.


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