October 7, 2010

So I’ve started a blog. Mostly because the husband and I (see above watching the England v USA World Cup game at a pub in London) have some big news to share with the family back home in Alabama, and I hope this will be a place for them to keep up.

So anyway – I’m pregnant! Very very early days (only 11 days post-ovulation), so I won’t be sharing the news yet. We’re seriously excited, though. Estimated due date June 19th – perfect timing for my teacher mommy in Alabama. πŸ™‚

This is our second flirtation with a positive pregnancy test. In February last year we had a chemical pregnancy, which is basically a very very early miscarriage (ie, you get a positive test and then get your period pretty much on time after that). It was annoying, timing-wise, but we haven’t really considered it a real miscarriage as we only thought I was pregnant for one day.

After the chemical we took a break for a while because Chris was starting a new job and wanted to be in it for a year before we move home. Then, much to our surprise, it happened very quickly when we tried again!

Our grand plan is to have the baby here in London, then to move home within a few months after that. We’re hoping late August or early September, though obviously there are a lot of variables to think about! Actually I don’t want to think of all the variables now – jobs, housing, the flat we own here, getting a newborn a passport, trying to fly with all our belongings, Piper (our small Schipperke dog) and a two-month old baby – agh! Best not to think about that at the moment!


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